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Stephanie Henson

Stephanie Henson

Founder and Managing Director of techtimeout and Sales Director of digital agency Six Ticks.

After university, Stephanie joined the corporate world before identifying a gap in the technology market and starting as Co-Director at Six Ticks. 

Through Six Ticks, Stephanie realised that technology can have a dark side. The team were working all hours due to differing time-zones and the pressures of servicing clients with endless means of communication and continuous digital distractions. This can take its toll with the overuse of technology shown to contribute to a decline in mental health as well as increased levels of stress, burnout and overwhelm.

This led to the launch of techtimeout in 2020. As workplaces moved online it was clear that employees needed the right tools and support to be able to work safely and productively on technology. The digital wellbeing company – techtimeout – delivers initiatives, tools and accreditation for employers committed to the health and productivity of their teams.

At both techtimeout and Six Ticks, Stephanie has worked with UK law firms. This experience combined with insight from techtimeout Co-Director Neil Lloyd, Managing Director of FBC Manby Bowdler, has been integral to making sure that the techtimeout digital wellbeing initiatives and resources are relevant to the legal community.