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Personal development , Wellbeing | Blended course

Resilience in Legal Practice

2 hoursFoundation

This practical course will help you understand different meanings of resilience, and how to apply it in your workplace. Co-authored by expert researchers in Mental Health Mathijs Lucassen (Senior Lecturer at The Open University) and in wellbeing applied to the legal profession Emma Jones (Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield), the programme consists of an e-learning module, followed by a virtual classroom scheduled on 28 February 2022, between 16:00-17:30.

Who this is for

Freelance solicitors, In-house lawyers, Junior lawyers, Paralegals, Practice managers, Solicitors.

Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A3  +4 more for SRA competence: A3, C1, C2, C3, D1

After completing this course attendees will:

  • understand what resilience is and why it is important
  • understand the limits of resilience in legal practice
  • identify when resilience is required in legal practice
  • learn and apply techniques to improve resilience in legal practice
How you will learn

This blended programme consists of an e-learning module, followed by a live virtual classroom.