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Compliance , Regulation | Blended course

Lexcel Consultant Training (October 2022)

22 hoursIntermediate

This online interactive training course provides an in-depth understanding of the Lexcel Standard for legal practices v6.1 and what evidence is required to meet the Standard requirements. The course is for those who wish to be Lexcel Consultants and will explain the roles of a consultant and an assessor and how an independent Lexcel assessment is carried out against the Standard for legal practices.

This course will be delivered over five mornings between 24 October and 28 October 2022.

There will also be an online pre-course meeting on Friday 21 October at 12pm to give delegates the opportunity to meet the presenter and their course colleagues, receive further information on aspects of the course and ask any relevant questions.

An overview of the timetable is below:

  1. Pre-course meeting: 21 October – 12pm to 1pm.
  2. Day 1: 24 October – 9am to 12.45pm.
  3. Day 2: 25 October – 9am to 1.25pm.
  4. Day 3: 26 October – 9am to 1.20pm.
  5. Day 4: 27 October – 9am to 1.05pm.
  6. Day 5: 28 October – 9am to 1.45pm.

There will be additional collaborative offline tasks to be completed during the course outside of the scheduled sessions, so please make sure you allow time in your diaries to complete these.  As all sessions are interactive, timings may vary slightly.

Who this is for

Freelance solicitors, Junior lawyers, Paralegals, Practice managers, Small firms lawyers, Solicitors.

Required prior knowledge

Delegates will be expected to have read the materials listed in the reading list.

Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A1  +1 more for SRA competence: A1, A2

At the end of the course, delegates will understand:

  • What Lexcel is and the Lexcel cycle.
  • The application and assessment processes.
  • Scheme requirements for each of the seven sections.
  • How to interpret each requirement and how it will be assessed.
  • How an assessor will plan and prepare for an assessment visit.
  • How an assessor will manage onsite and offsite procedures during an assessment.
What this will cover

The emphasis of the course is on the practical application of the Standard, so as well as understanding the Standard requirements, the course will focus upon how those requirements can be met, including the practical steps needed to plan and carry out a Lexcel assessment. This will help consultants to prepare their clients for an assessment.

How you will learn

Delegates will be sent course material ahead of the event in preparation for the training course. There is also a reading list which delegates will be expected to have read before attending. This is an intense, fast-paced course and delegates will be expected to take full part in the interactive discussions via webcam.

At the end of the course there will be an open-book style, compulsory online multiple-choice test.

In order to pass the course delegates must attend every session of the five-day course, complete the offline tasks and achieve an assessment mark of 80% in the test.

Important note: Lexcel documentation plus course material will be provided along with sample documents electronically. Please ensure you have a second screen or a second device available to use during the training, as you will be referring to these materials frequently throughout the sessions.