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Personal development , Business management, Lawtech | Podcast

Law Society Education Podcast: October 2021

30 minFoundation

In this month’s podcast, host Eman Hassan speaks with Michael Doherty, who is a Professor of Law and Associate Head of School at the University of Lancaster, as well as one of the key advocates of Legal Design in the UK.

Professor Michael Doherty introduces legal design, describing the origins of the movement and its common ground with lawtech and innovation. They also discuss the implications of the user-centred approach for the legal commercial sector and for the future of the profession.

Listen to “October 2021: an introduction to legal design” on Spreaker.

Who this is for

Solicitors, Students / Trainees.

Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A

  • Learn about the definition and the evolution of the Legal Design movement
  • Understand the benefits of Legal Design for delivering user-centred legal content
  • Identify the application of Legal Design and tech approaches to increase efficiency of legal and pro bono services

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