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IAAS Exam Training (15-16 September 2021)

2 daysIntermediate

This two-day intensive law course will run on 15-16 September 2021 (09:30-17:00). The course will help candidates prepare for the forthcoming exams for the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation (IAAS). It is primarily aimed at candidates sitting the Senior Caseworker (SCW) exam, although it will also benefit candidates sitting the Casework Assistant (CWA) exam.

The course will be run by Kamla Adiseshiah, a highly experienced immigration and asylum practitioner and subject matter expert (SME).

View the full two-day programme here.

Who this is for


Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A2  +2 more for SRA competence: A2, A3, D

By attending this course attendees will:

  • Have an enhanced understanding of how to prepare for the IAAS exams
  • Be familiar with key themes and topics from each syllabus domain
  • Have improved strategies for question writing
How you will learn

The course will be based around SME presentations with opportunities for interaction and practice questions threaded throughout.

The programme will be delivered using Microsoft Teams.

Attendees will be provided with:

  • Presentations and slide decks
  • Manual of relevant black letter law and training resources