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Compliance , Ethics, Regulation | Online course

Confidentiality and Disclosure

30 minutesIntermediate

There are certain legal and regulatory requirements setting out your duties in relation to confidentiality and disclosure. This module looks at the two duties, how to comply with the relevant requirements in practice and what to do when your duties of confidentiality and disclosure come into conflict.

Who this is for

In-house lawyers, Practice managers, Solicitors.

Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A1  +5 more for SRA competence: A1, A2, A5, B6, C1, C2

After completing this module you will:

  • Understand the SRA’s regulatory expectations of you and your law firm
  • Be able to identify your professional duties in respect of confidential information
  • Be able to recognise when your duties to keep matters confidential can be overridden
  • Understand your duty of disclosure and the conflict that can arise between this and the duty of confidentiality
  • Understand the regulatory consequences of making the wrong decision about confidentiality and disclosure duties

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