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Personal development , Careers | LIVE webinar

Career Crossroads – Managing Career Transitions (19/05/2022)

1.5 hoursFoundation

Are you facing a career dilemma? Feeling a bit stuck? Are you asking yourself, do I stay or do I go? Is fear of the unknown holding you back? Or do you find yourself questioning whether the law is even right for you? Fear not, you are not alone most people will find themselves at a careers crossroads at some point in their lives.

This thought-provoking session will allow you to step off the hamster wheel and reflect on what it is you really want.  Whether you are considering returning following a career break, transitioning within law or leaving law all together this session will provide the tools to allow you to take control and future proof your career so that your next career move is the right move.

The interactive live discussion, particularly recommended for solicitors with 5-10 years PQE, is scheduled on Thursday 19 May 2022 at 12:00-13:30. The session will be led by Steve Couch, a former Big-4 firm Partner currently specialising in leadership training and coaching.



Who this is for


Learning outcomes

SRA competence: A2

Throughout this interactive webinar attendees will:

  • discover the key things to consider for you to achieve their career ambitions.
  • receive practical advice on how to manage when their working life comes to a career crossroads
  • learn how to address current and future career transitions more effectively
  • learn the value of non-technical development training in career progression
  • understand how to examine what skills they can develop to be better placed in their current and / or future roles.
What this will cover

This live webinar will cover the following steps to successfully explore your potential:

  • Identifying internal and external factors that could influence what you do next
  • Assessing goals and concerns across different life stages
  • Learn about the model of job transition stages
  • Skills focus for new role:
    – Self Awareness
    – Willingness to change
    – Curiosity
    – Reflection/Journaling
How you will learn

This interactive session will include discussions and group activities.