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Law Society Education Podcast: April 2021

30 minFoundation

In this month’s podcast Eman Hassan talks with Mark Briegal on the range of competencies solicitors need to grow to partnership level or to set up their own firm. In chapter two, Tracey Alexander speaks with one of the Law Society’s social mobility ambassadors, Shaheen Mamum, about his journey into law.

  • Chapter 1 – Mark Briegal: The competency-based lawyer (00:40-19:23)
  • Chapter 2 – Shaheen Mamum: My journey into law (19:24-29:16)

Listen to “April 2021: the competency-based lawyer and a journey into law” on Spreaker.

Transcript available here.

Who this is for

Freelance solicitors, Solicitors, Students / Trainees.

Learning outcomes

SRA competence: C1  +3 more for SRA competence: C1, C2, C3, D1

  • Key competencies to build for career progression
  • Tips on how to secure training contacts
What this will cover

Chapter 1 – Mark Briegal: The competency-based lawyer
Our host Eman Hassan speaks with Mark Briegal, who is a Partner at Bennet Briegal LLP. Mark tells his experience working with lawyers, from being an outsider to becoming an insider within the profession. In addition, he also talks about his work advising lawyers in the later stages of their legal career, discussing the competencies solicitors should build as they seek to grow into partnership or freelance work.

Chapter 2 – Shaheen Mamum: My journey into law
The Law Society’s Learning and Career Development Coordinator Tracey Alexander talks to Shaheen Mamum, a public law solicitor and Social Mobility Ambassador at the Law Society. Shaheen speaks about his journey to becoming a lawyer, and advice on securing training contracts.