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Curriculum Tracks

Law Society Learning aims to support you to achieve your personal and career goals, whatever your background or situation.

Our Curriculum Tracks are designed to make it easy for you to identify where to focus your development. There are eight tracks, and each will lay down a clear learning pathway through the key areas of law.

Curriculum Tracks are your pathways to learning that enable you to easily access the best training in the industry to support your professional development and progress in your career.

What are Curriculum Tracks?

Everything you need to continue your professional development can be found under one of our eight Curriculum Tracks:

Each Track has a comprehensive range of topics that cover all our learning content, making it easy for you to quickly identify and locate the learning you need.

Shape your learning experience through our Curriculum Tracks by choosing topic areas that are right for you and your career. Whether you are a junior lawyer or in the full swing of your practice, our tracks can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Who are they for?

The Curriculum Tracks are for solicitors of all levels looking to build on their knowledge in the key areas of law. You will be able to find learning at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level.

We have a range of different content to suit your needs, from Blogs and Podcasts, to Accreditations and Core Knowledge courses. We aim to provide you with the highest quality learning experience to help you be the best solicitors that you can be.

Choose your track

Select a track below to continue your learning pathway.

Business management

Your knowledge and skills to manage the business of law.

Client at the core

Your handling of clients and customers.

Commercial development

The skills you need to grow and develop your and your clients’ businesses.


The things you have to know – essential and regulatory areas.

Leadership and management

Your leadership and management skills and approach.

Personal development

Your own personal and career development.

Practice areas and interests

Your technical knowledge skills and competencies.


Your digital skills and knowledge to utilise technology.