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AML Module 1: Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Activity


Interactive module on AML and Suspicious Activity, including case studies and knowledge checks to measure your understanding.


Put your AML and Suspicious Activity knowledge to use and gain certification by answering 10 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 70%. Good luck!

Course Description


  • 30 min
  • Foundation
Understanding anti-money laundering is critical. Law firms are frequently targeted by money launderers and it is a criminal offence to be involved in this process. This module is a guide to understanding how your firm may be targeted by money launderers and the steps you can take to identify suspicious instructions. It is an important tool to help you avoid being exposed to money laundering.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, you’ll understand:

  • Why it is essential to know about anti-money laundering
  • The three phases of money laundering and how they affect the legal profession
  • The common warning signs for suspicious activity

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