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Techtimeout: Digital Wellbeing in the Legal Profession


Digital Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

This pilot session was delivered on 28 April 2022.

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Course Description


  • 45 minutes
  • Foundation
This introductory session is aimed at those who want to adopt a healthier relationship with technology. Improving digital wellbeing can support mental health and productivity.Hear from digital wellbeing experts techtimeout as they discuss some of the darker aspects of technology and the pressure that comes with 24/7 connection and endless digital distractions.This on-demand webinar will highlight the impact that the overuse of technology can have on mental health and wellbeing. It will provide practical tips and guidance to help you build a healthier relationship with technology for yourself and your teams.The live webinar was delivered on 28 April 2022.

Learning outcomes

After attending the session, attendees will:

  • Understand the impact of technology on mental health and wellbeing
  • Define “digital addiction” and identify the signs and red flags
  • Gain some practical tips to adopt a healthy relationship with technology
  • Understand how a strong digital wellbeing strategy can support your workplace

What this will cover

This interactive webinar will cover the following content:

  • Reflect on your use of technology and what impact this could be having.
  • Understand the impact that overusing technology can have on:
    • Mental Health & Wellbeing
    • Sleep
    • Physical wellbeing
    • Productivity
    • Communication
  • Is technology exasperating mental health concerns in the workplace?
  • Actions you and your colleagues can take today to support digital wellbeing
  • Digital wellbeing in practice: Biscoes Solicitors