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CQS 2020 Update: Risk, Compliance and Client Care

Course Description


  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
Are you protecting yourself from the variety of fraud threats that conveyancers face? Are you benefitting fully from effective client communication?By completing this course you’ll be up to date with best practice in assessing and managing residential conveyancing risk, and effective client handling.In easy-to-understand 30-minute modules, you’ll cover everything you need to support your CQS re-accreditation.Please complete your CQS 2020 training in the coming weeks as the updated version will be released in November 2021.

Learning outcomes

By taking this course, conveyancers should have a greater understanding of:

  • mitigating and managing risk on conveyancing files
  • managing client expectations
  • delivering an appropriate level of service to a client
  • engaging effectively with a lender client
  • identifying property and mortgage fraud warning signs
  • mitigating the risk of fraud

What this will cover

This course consists of four modules.

  1. 1. Understanding Risk (by Tom Horrocks)
  2. 2. Client Care (by Tracey Calvert)
  3. 3. Lender Client Care (by Tracey Calvert)
  4. 4. Fraud (by Tracey Calvert)

Module 1: Understanding Risk


This module looks at the assessment and management of risk on a file from the perspective of a conveyancer, in addition to the firm’s assessment and management of risk arising from providing residential conveyancing services, and how conveyancers can support this.

Module 2: Client Care


This module covers some of the key elements of client care skills, including establishing and maintaining a professional relationship with clients and delivering an appropriate level of service.

Module 3: Lender Client Care


This module looks at advising lender clients, focusing on some of the key regulatory and ethical duties that arise when acting for a lender client while also acting for the borrower.

Module 4: Fraud


This module supports conveyancers in their duty to ensure their services are not used to further a criminal purpose by covering regulatory requirements, lender expectations, essential case law and best practice guidance for mitigating the risks of conveyancing fraud.

Assessment (complete e-learning to unlock)


The assessment consists of 20 multiple choice questions. In order to pass the assessment you must achieve a mark of 80%. The assessment can only be taken a maximum of three times before the course must be taken again.